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viernes, 11 de enero de 2008

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Hey, Inter-Folks!

With the debut of BRAND NEW DAY just days away, we at the Spider-Office proudly present to you:

The Top 5 Reasons to Read Brand New Day!

(Wacker won’t let me have a Top 10 list until I’m older, so we're sticking with 5.)

Here we go…

#5 – Spidey vs. Ninjas! And better yet, Ninjas who aren’t The Hand!

That’s right, Pete’s Brand New World features a plethora of new masked maniacs, costumed creeps and ravenous rapscallions, but not one but TWO of our debut story arcs feature Spidey vs. ninjas! And the second fight even has Spidey *and* Wolverine vs. Ninjas—how can you lose?

(Art: Spidey and Wolverine from ASM 555)

#4 – Cops, Crooks, Pols and Pals!

You’ve heard for months that Spidey’s supporting cast was going to grow in Brand New Day—well we weren’t lying, fanboys!

In the first month, we’ll see Harry’s new girlfriend, Lily Hollister, along with Lily’s best friend, Carlie Cooper, a young NYPD forensic expert with eyes for Pete. We’ll also meet billionaire philanthropist Martin Li, Aunt May’s new boss at her new job.

The next month, the spotlight is on Jackpot, the licensed heroine who’s all too familiar to peter, and Dexter Bennett, Jonah’s rival who somehow managed to be more obnoxious than ol’ flattop.

In both February and March, the spotlight is on the power players of NYC politics as the Mayoral race heats up—and Lily’s father, Bill Hollister, is front-row center for it. In March we’ll also meet NYPD’s finest in Vin Gonzales, a rookie cop who’ll have a huge impact on Peter’s life in the year to come.

#3 Two Words: Blue. Shield.

That’s right, America’s favorite Superhero, The Blue Shield, will be popping by. Fans of B.S. can now relax, because he’s back!

OK fine, we just wanted to show off another beautiful Salvador Larroca piece. It was worth it, though, right?

#2 – Artists, artists, ARTISTS!

Much has been made of our illustrious Spidey Braintrust of Dan Slott, Marc Guggenheim, Bob Gale and Zeb Wells—but they’re not the only brand new talent in this Brand New Day; you already know that our inaugural runs feature Steve McNiven, Salvador Larroca, Phil Jimenez and Chris Bachalo, but later on in the year you can expect a virtual who’s who of comicdom’s best, brightest and most influential creators.

#1 – Young Tom Brevoort as Spider-Man.

Stephen Wacker says, “Isn’t it adorable?”
Tom Brennan says, “I value my job and offer no comment—except that Stephen Wacker told me to post this.”

See ya at the comic shop this Wednesday!


About the author:

Editor "Simperin" Steve Wacker and assistant editor "Typin" Tom Brennan take time out from bringing you Amazing Spider-Man thrice monthly and indulge your need to know everything now!!!

Así o más patetico...Saludos Amigos

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3 comentarios:

Alpha Comics dijo...

Si Marvel lleva a cabo realmente lo que este post comenta... empiezo a ver puntos buenos en la "nueva continuidad" del arácnido... dejando fuera el descontento o aceptación que haya tenido OMD.
Aunque no soy fan del Araña, creo que hay muy buenas posibilidades de que el personaje en realidad se revitalice.

Johannes Itten dijo...

Una razón parta no leer BND: no me interesa.

Lestat.The.Vampire. dijo...

otra razon mas para ni siquiera comentar ya nada y no comprar nada de spiderman? lo que sigue es obra de el pendejo de Joe Quesada, osea que es pura pinche basura.